StormFury is an interactive, action oriented science program that focuses on the science of weather.  The program features a number of exciting hands-on activities, exhibits, presentations, a game show, a TV weather production studio, and more!


StormFury activities are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills set and will help enhance and stimulate children’s learning about science.  The program is not only for children.  Each activity area is designed to encourage family participation.


We invite you to come explore the science behind tornadoes, hurricanes, and lighting and much more.  Participate in our Weather Jeopardy game show and win a cool prize!  Step into our TV Weather Production studio and become a storm chaser.  Get your very own Storm Chaser ID card and visit the many exciting outdoor exhibits at the event.


12:00pm  StormFury Opens

  2:30pm  The Science of Weather with Tim Smith and Alex Garcia

  4:00pm  StormFury Closes


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